Why this error comes

com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (SyntaxError) : Failed to execute ‘open’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest’: Invalid URL

Does this error occur while connecting to the companion?
If not, you could safely ignore this error. It won’t affect the builder functionality.

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Yes m getting same error while conecting to companion…

Shouldn’t it be: “If yes …” ?

If the error the OP mentioned occurs when connecting to the companion, it could mean failure to connect to the companion, which Normally shouldn’t happen. Otherwise it could be ignored. So, I mean by this:

If the error doesn’t occur when connecting to the companion, it’s safe to ignore it.

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Sorry, I do not understand. There are only two options:

  1. Either the error occurs with Companion (and possibly also with the APK) OR
  2. The error does NOT occur with Companion but with the APK.

When connecting to companion it’s says error occurred every time

But I want to connect to companion without it how can I test my app?

I don’t want to build apk every time for testing :expressionless:

Appzard team not even answering I’m going to uninstall :expressionless:

The Appzard team is actually always very quick to reply. But it’s the weekend and shouldn’t the Appzard team be allowed to take a little break?

I’ll remove the Solution marker.


Hello @right_pay,

Please try the troubleshooting tips here:

You don’t have to. Please try the tips mentioned above.

I agree with @BodyMindPower. We try to reply to every topic and provide fixes for bugs as fast as possible, but we also have other things to work on.
Of course, appzard was just released a few days ago and is under bet stage yet. So it’s normal for bugs to occur, but we are trying to fix all of them as fast as possible.


Yeah okay but atleast give me a solution for companion I have tried everything…

When I click on connect with companion it’s give me " error occurred "

Did you try this?

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