What is wrong here in Google Signin?

This is how i setup my block before and its working well. But this time google signin is not working fine. It shows me my google account option when i select one it cannot successfully signup. What is wrong here?

Make sure that you have uploaded the correct google-services.json in assets

Yes bro, it is correct.

What are results ? can you show a notice on SignedIn event ?

It show this error


Show the full error

No Bro, that is not the solution. I created everything new. I tried to signin but same error.

Are you sure that the SHA-1 key is correct. Please confirm it

Every is same from these 2 methods:

  1. From Keystore information
  2. Keytool viewer

Have you inserted both SHA1 and SHA256 in your firebase project? If not, then insert it.

If doesn't work

Then create new firebase project and start again :smiling_face_with_tear:

Not work. Ive already tried these method.

I can solve, but for this you have to share the screen?