What is BlockAds in webview? How to use this?

Please help me, i want adblock in my webview. I check BlockAds but still showing ads in website url, how to block any site ads in webview?

Try it with using blocks.

Yes, sometime work, what is Adhost?

I believe that the adblock is not working correctly in this version, but in the next update it will be!

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Try use dns.adguard.com

Yes some functions from property do not work properly so always use blocks

How to use this platform in our webview?

Enter all the text that is in this file, in that box or through blocks

For the ADS block to work

adblocker host.txt (54.7 KB)

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Nowadays, most website is aware of that adblock so they use anti adblock script which will show popup when adblock is on,
Is it possible to bypass this??

It is rare that it launches this type of pop-us, since it is practically not detected by the browsers when you use adblock in the webview.

It is not possible to skip it, but it is possible to use another type of adblock filter so that it does not pop up that you are blocking advertising, similar to what adguard does, identify the correct filter to not be detected.

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How can I find that filter??

Here is the link where you can find more blocking filters

GitHub - StevenBlack/hosts: :lock: Consolidating and extending hosts files from several well-curated sources. Optionally pick extensions for porn, social media, and other categories.


You are going to copy from where the numbers and urls begin
The rest you discard it, it has to be like this as I gave you the first text in the previous answers.


Thanks it is working.

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