Virtual method error

here is aia
plz change aianame before upload to workspace
check screen vid

Try in compiled APK. This extension don’t works good in Companion

i dont know but this player is not starting only black screen

You should ask to the developer. I never used this extension. So, I can’t say. BTW, The developer have provided a test AIA. check it

I used that aia on kodular, mit app inventor and works perfectly but with appzard it causing error
I think like Colin tree is not suited for appzard and you made some changes with it, you can try changing this extension code, may be it will work…

It works for me. BTW, In your project, you are trying to play png files in Exo Player. Only video files (.mp4) are supported in Exo Player.

Download : AIA

@AryanGupta please reply to this Virtual method error - #7 by Be_superb

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Please create a separate topic for different queries. And Your AIA don’t contains Screen1. Export your AIA and upload it here without changing anything manually.

check this one Attempt to show index 1 of 0 data error in screen

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