Upgrade appzard android & ios

please sir upgrade appzard make app android and ios
like flutterflow type builder update
make a same clone very good ui

visit site and check builder

If you are aware of this, even AppInventor, the main branch of drag and drop builders (and the system Appzard is based on), does not fully support iOS since some features are either missing or not working. Let alone, Appzard, with more features and blocks.

This is not an easy task. It would take years to complete because of its difficulty.

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thank reply
builder ui update

They are two different technologies, even if they are very similar, programming for iOS is not eating churro, they are more strict policies and storage systems than android itself.

Currently MIT2 (Original code of the forks) is working on them, soon there will be output for iOS for now only android, I think the UI of appzard is very good and one of the best among the other builders.

Anyway…this topic is over since the idea is not to copy the market but to get out of the same niche and bring new (fresh) things.


clone make very easy

I know you want iOS, but let’s calm down and think again.

Appzard and Flutter are two different systems; they are based on different types of languages, different types of components, and many more. It is impossible to go to a bakery and withdraw cash, even if a bakery is involved in commercial activities.

FlutterFlow and Appzard are different. If it is possible in a “very easy” way, we wouldn’t have to wait 3 years for AppInventor to implement iOS (and not fully). Appzard has way more features, it is expected to be a longer time. While I think this is something to do in the long run to raise competitiveness, it just isn’t suitable for the time-being.