Update the application using a spreadsheet either baserow or airtable

Good afternoon everyone, dear friends, I would like to know if anyone has an ai there that they could send me or any tutorial on how to update the application using a spreadsheet either baserow or airtable, I really need help because I did not find any tutorial on YouTube that could help me.

Can you elaborate more??
I think you can use onesignal push Notification to push a message which contains a link to download application, you can use Google drive to upload your updated apk,
And you can stop the earlier version of apk by using if then and airtable

I’ve seen several people using a method that uses a platform like BaseRow, or Airtable, to update the APP version, so the app notifies the user that it has an update and provides a download button, with the updated version of the apk

You can create two rows in Airtable for downloadUrl and versionCode and on Screen1.Initialize, check if there is any update available.

In above blocks, the latestVersionCode is versionCode retrieved from Airtable. Now, you have to retrieve downloadUrl from airtable and use Download component to download it. Then, you will need to install it using PackageManager component

component_method (18)

Done !

Now, keep updating the versionCode on every release of your app and you can upload a new version in Google drive (No need to change url everytime).


Can I use BaseRow instead of Airtable?

Yes, you can use it

You don’t have an AIA with this, because I’m new to this area, still learning, I already do some things by myself, but others I still suffer

I think you can also use spreadsheet extension which is fastest from airtable and baserow, this extension is available by App Helper search on yt