Unity ads banner not displaying add

unity ads banner not displaying add,
is there anything to do from unity ads website
i configured it without mediation

Unity don’t have banner ads to load in your app. It usually because country. In India, they don’t show banner ads. You should try a vpn if you want to check it’s working or not


Not working I tried using US VPN…

Could you suggest me which ad service provides banner ads except Admob, Facebook & start.io

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You can use AppNext banner. It also have good CPI rates and $20 minimum payout. It can be more because I used it some years before.


Is it also usefull in earning app ???
Because i am making an earning app can i use Appnext interstitial ad ?

Which ad network provide maximum revenue other than admob,facebook,amazon,unity ?

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@Muhammad_zain it’s good you are making apps on Appzard but by making earning apps you are keeping Appzard in danger from getting banned from Google. Once, google take action. They usually never forgive them. And soon Appzard will have to create a verification system to prevent users from making earning apps. Apps like clicking on ads and paying for it is really prohibited.

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Thanks for this info…
Please tell me which kind of app i create that provide more revenue ?

An educational app would be a better choice like a quiz app, exam preparations app. If your app is good and you got only 1k downloads. Congratulations! You got many daily active users for a long time. Earnings will be definitely good. Earlier, One of my stories app have 10k download but only 10-20 daily active users as users keep uninstalling old apps and installing new apps.


Iska kya mtlb hai???

Agar mein startapp add ko app mein lagaye rakhu to earning hogi ya nhi???
Kyuki Ecpm 0 hai isme

Yeah but it requires app publish and I don’t have console account of Google to publish my app

They give less revenue for non-published apps. For tier 3 countries, it’s so low

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I have 1.5K userbase how much can I earn from them???

It depends on countries, app niche, etc and its hard to calculate the earning. You should check yourself how much you are earning from 1.5k users :smiley: