Unable to compile with admob


i’m trying the admob component and i got this error

Appzard is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was

My Project is set.


Please show the logs too

where to find logs :sweat_smile:

with my admob extension . the compiling working

I have deleted the project also …

i had only that

error output was

no text

Oh means your problem is no more because your project is deleted

yeah but the staff can maybe see this problem.
the compiling doesn’t working .

Any other components you used in your project?

no only that in the picture block.


I have removed AdmobMobileAds1 and AdmobBanner1 and still building.

These blocks are in Screen2.
In Screen1 i had only a timer to open another screen2. Because ddidn’t worked. So i put a clock .