Unable to access block screen

Hello guys ,

I was at the end my project . But i cant able to access the block screen you can see in this video


Can anyone help me

There can be three things:

First check something if this failure is in all the projects that create the problem it is most likely this.

  • 1 - The files of the Builder (Appzard) are corrupted and you will have to reinstall Appzard.

If the failure is only in that project then the problem is this

  • 2 - Your project got corrupted, you can check if everything is ok by exporting the AIA and unzipping it and check the code.
  • 3 - An extension is causing the problem (Appzard does not completely delete some extensions and even more when you upgrade the extension) you will have to export the AIA and verify that the libraries or files of that extension are not still appearing.

But aia file is not downloading . i have waited around 10 mnts

Then it is most likely that the Builder (Appzard) is corrupted, simply reinstall all the packages, maybe it solves the problem.

Otherwise you will have to remove and install again!

reinstall removes my aia ?

other aias are downloadable

but this aia download shows like this for a long time

@MohamedTamer @MuhammadMansuri

Please help