Troubleshooting The Companion

We have recently released the companion app, if you haven’t already, please download it from here.
Multiple users have experienced problems using the companion, this FAQ topic explains the common reasons for companion connection failure, and their solution.

#1 Your Appzard Offline Installation is out of date

Connection with the companion is only supported starting from appzard offline v1.4.2, connection between the companion and prior versions of appzard offline would fail.
To check your appzard offline version, run the following command:

appzard -v

Solution: Upgrade or reinstall appzard offline

#2 You Are Not Connected To The Internet

The connection between the companion requires an active internet connection, from both the device running the companion and the device establishing the connection, since it’s server using appzard’s online rendezvous server.
Solution: Connect to the internet from both the device running the companion and the device establishing the connection.

#3 You Are Using VPN

Connecting over a virtual private network (VPN) on one ore both of the devices you are using for the connection, would result connection failure.
Solution: Disable VPN and try again.

#4 You are Connected on Different Networks

Based on previous reports, connection over two different networks could fail when Legacy Mode is on.
Solution: Connect on the same network or disable the Legacy Mode from the settings, if enabled.

#5 An Error Has Occurred While Establishing the Connection

Another reason that connections could fail, is the fact an error has occurred, either from the REPL Manager side, or the companion side.

To check that the error is from the REPL manager side

Check the error in your browser’s console ( Developer Tools → Console ), if retrying doesn’t work, post the error in the community so others can debug it, and find the root cause, which could be from our side, or your side.

To Check that the error is from the companion side

If no error toasts or dialogs occurs in the companion, please check the logcat. See here. Make sure to post the error to us in the community.

If the error wasn’t any of the above, please let us know by doing a topic on the community.
Mohamed Tamer