Splash screen bug

What is the actual size for splash screen (height & width) ?. It cannot fit on the screen, sometime show half% only.

240x215 is the perfect resolution to use as a splash!
Upload the image you display as a splash at that size and it will look good no matter what screen resolution you use.


The size and width will change according to the device used. But I think the proportion / ratio is 9x16
This is what I use and always work fine for me
For example, if the image has 1280px of height, it must be 720 of width.
If it is 800 pixels of height, it must be 450 of width


not working, same thing happen bro, not possible to fix the size when their is different phone size.

What are the dimensions of the image that you are using? And a screenshot of how it appear on your phone if possible

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Poor measurement in small phones, looks terrible.
The maximum width is 300 or 320px.

It is the best size for use in splash and looks good on small screen phones and vice versa!


Read my post again. I didn’t say to use 720 or 450 width, those numbers were onlye examples. I said that the aspect ratio is 9x16, and if this proportion is used the image will fit the screen perfectly. If you use a 300x300 or 300x400 image, for example, it won’t fit. You can use this website to calculate the aspect ratio: https://calculateaspectratio.com/

The splash does not adapt, it is fixed no matter the size, it will be centred, if it is a 9:16, the builder will show it in big or bad centred, in 640 mobile phones it will look small.

I’ve tried most of the measures and the one that best fits without damaging the quality and enlarge the splash regardless of the screen size is the one I said…anyway!


I never used splash screen in appzard (since I made personalized splash screen with animations) so I decided to test it and what you said didn’t happen.
I just tested it and if a image with the proportion I mentioned is used the splash image will fit the screen perfectly.
You can test by yourself by installing this app: testmenu.apk - Google Drive

Source code here:
ModeloRadioBasico2.aia (304.2 KB)

As you will probably see it was used a 450x800 image and it ocupy all the screen. If you install my apk and the image don’t ocupy all the screen I suggest you to report it to the staff with the device model and Android version used because it is probably a bug.


Here we are talking about the splash property of screen1, not a custom splash created on screen1, for that grace any image is perfect if you make the full parent above and below there is no need to be consulted what size is perfect :unamused::unamused:.

The splash property is to show the logo only of the app (if the user would like), there is no need to want to cover the entire screen of a mobile, as it is not responsive and it is not possible to give parameters, like any app you install what you show is your logo, if you want animation or something different can do what you’re doing a custom splash

Here is a clear example of your splah of the AIA project that you passed, you can see how it is not showing the image 100% of the original but is zooming as the mobile screen becomes small, to a point that the image will no longer look sharp and will be blurred (it happened to me until I could find a suitable measure without distortion)

If you want to use the splash and only show your logo or a phrase, I already gave the most suitable media, if you want something better and to your control, keep making a custom splash!

Really strange, it didn’t happen in the devices I use to test.
why don’t you report it?

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