Splash.png Image found in Assets in Application

Hello Moderators,
I know you will going to push an update near future can you please remove this splash.png image from assets as I don’t need it in my app aslo this will increase size of app , also i found many images of applovin in Assets can you also remove also these as I never used applovin ads in my app this increases size of my app

We can’t remove splash.png from drawable directory because drawable/splash.png file is reserved for custom splash screen and for default splash. But there is a copy of it in assets directory, we removed that one for now. You can also set the CustomSplashScreen property to a white colored lightweight jpg image which will completely remove Appzard’s splash. Don’t forget to enable SplashEnabled property in Screen1.

Which ad component are you using ? Also, you may not be using it but many ad networks uses it for displaying a small icon in corner of fullscreen ads of their brand.
The size of these images are very less and they are also a part of AppLovin SDK. Removing them can be considered as a modification in their SDK which is prohibited I guess.

Can you set the default splash to white blank image, i just want you to remove the created by appzard images from the Assets and replace it with white background image and make it as default splash

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