Sound Recorder Error

It shows that MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is denied…but this permission has been already granted…

What I have tried:-

  1. Asked it in the blocks
  2. Uploaded permissions.txt

It’s still showing the same Error

After adding this permission, the Google play store may not publish your app.


BTW, How are you asking for this permission ? You should open the All files access activity and tell users to enable it. is your app’s package name

And how will I detect that this permission is granted…?

Use is permission granted

Can u share me the pic of the exact block u want me to use…? I cant’t find “is permission granted” block… @AryanGupta @Be_superb

There is no block for it in Screen1. It will be added in next update.

For now, use this extension to check if the permission is granted

AIX : com.appzard.CheckStorageManagerPermission.aix (5.0 KB)

It’s still showing the same error 908…

Are you still using this block ? There is no need for this block to ask this permission. You should remove it :grinning:

component_method (9)

I m not using it…

Here r my blocks:-

PM me your AIA

There is nothing else in my aia but anways I have shared it to you.

No error is occurring in my Android 12 device. what’s your android version ?

I also have Android 12 and its not working…did u modify the aia?

I did changed nothing

Its not working on my device…can u share me a screen recording of the app working in your device prefectly…

Is it playing back the recorded audio?

Okay, Got it. The error is from Sound Recorder component. It will be fixed in next update. It was asking WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission which is deprecated on Android 11+ devices.

For now, ignore this error by dropping this event to blocks area.