Search Option for Block Editor and Bug Report

Shows last used screen components after restarting the builder

And Search option needed in blocks area

We will be implementing this option in a feature release. Thanks for your suggestion.

I will take a look into this bug.
P.S: i have moved this to a new thread.

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#Bug report

Dark mode

Light mode

Unable to view comment/do it result on dark mode

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On landscape Properties tab is only partially visible

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you can use that scroll bar at bottom

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Even the height and width set to max it does not works

With a single item list view :point_down:

Without components inside the arrangement :point_down:

Hello @Mallu_dev ,
What about setting the height to 100 percent instead of fill parent?

same result as above


If we put horizontal arrangement (not tried on vertical arrangement ) inside a cardview , the items inside the horizontal arrangement is unable to see

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Thanks for this bug reports, @Mallu_dev! We will be fixing them in the upcoming updates.

And please add app version code block

We will add a deticated block for this, meanwhile you can use the package manager to retrieve the app version code/name:

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the problem is the following, that the builder does not read the package that we put it leaves the package name by defualt that gives the builder, this bug had already mentioned it in the group

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Thanks for the report, i’m putting together a fix for this bug.

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I think you are not configuring the space component correctly because it works :v


You are doing something wrong, select the component to see the properties.

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Sorry, i have put values on width not on height, my mistake ,Sorry

I don’t know what the bug is?
I put a LayoutHorizontal with Card inside and label and it works correctly and then visecersa


Mine output