Screen Orientation Quick Flip on Launching App

hello everyone im just found this issue or trying to fix it but in this appzard builder not fixing because im trying fix it through extension which is working on other builders someone help me to achieve this in appzard builder…

Use potrait mode or landscape mode using blocks in when screen initialised, it will fix the bug/error

i’ll try it now

There is no need to use any other extension. Just set the ScreenOrientation and it will work

It won’t work if we have more than 5 or 6 screens

Not Working

Fixed this issue by extension by someone.
But not working in appzard builder

I already told earlier, use set orientation as potrait in screen.initialised block,
It will fix that issue

Did it but not solved you can see live demo

In my case it solved that issue

send test apk plz

Can I send you tomorrow, because I don’t want to turn on my laptop now

ok thanks :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Share aia, there is not problem with screen orientation

check it :
MHC_P_checkpoint1.aia (866.4 KB)

I don’t see your problem, maybe you haven’t updated the builder?
I don’t have any problem neither in huawei nor in xioami.

Compiled in APK

File APK

are you opening in landscape position(your phone)?
open in landscape position of your phone…

Did you see that it appears in the video in the corner of an arrow?
It means that I am moving my mobile in all the positions and if I press the dates then it changes the position of the screen of your app, but as long as the user does not force it or change the sensor it does not work.

And I still don’t see your problem, the properties are working correctly.

you can’t get my point im saying that don’t launch app in portrait position phone just lauch in landscape mode…

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They are as easy as taking candy from a baby!

-I still don’t understand your problem :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_facepalming:
-Everything is working properly!
-Tested on Xiomai (A13), Huawei (A10)