[ROLLING IN NEXT UPDATE] LPSBUG-7: Snackbar giving unexpected error

The snackbar is giving this error:-

when we call ShowMessage, [Assuming we don’t change any default properties in the component after dragging it from the left components side]

Test AIA:- TEST.aia (2.2 KB)



Tested on:-
Xiaomi POCO M3
Android 12 SKQ1.211202.001
MIUI Global 13.0.1Stable

Yes i am also getting same error in APK.

Version: Android 12

Snack bar is working fine on Companion but this error occurs in APK. But in companion also text color of snack bar is not changing to white color.

@AryanGupta Please look into it as well.

Thank you
Nikhil Kumar

This bug is fixed a few weeks ago. It will be live in next release. For now, You can set font typeface of snackbar to solve this error.

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Yes, u r correct it gets resolved if you add a custom typeface to it.

Nah, this is not a bug for me, I think it works fine, at least from my side I understood that I had to use a custom font!

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