Reopen app from background

When user press “Back button” my app go to Background, but is still running. I need bring my app to front again. For example i’ve use this block to send my app as a background task:

I have use a notification method when the user click the notification the app must be open from the background without restart

How can I do that?

This block doesn’t run your app in background :confused:.

Which notification component are you using ?

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Use this trick:
Create a new screen, and set the screen when initialized to close screen.
In your main screen when the notification is click while app is in background set it to open that new screen.
That is when the notification is click in background it open a new screen and immediately the screen will be closed without restarting the App.

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Not really! I already test it and I haven’t any kinds of issue that you talk about on this replying.

Just help me that How can I call my app if it’s run background without restart

Nothing happen. The app doesn’t open from background task, When I try to do it manual I just saw the screen was change but I mention that the app must be open from background, not work for me.

Did you have other solution like can we do it with Activity starter?

Not at all

I think this extension does not make your app run in background. What it makes is the same as click in the Home button of your phone. May be your app continue to work for some time because it is not being closed. But if you really want a way for your app to run in background you must use Xoma extension which has this specific proposal.

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I already mention that I haven’t issue like that you talk about. I just asking How I recall my app if it running on the background.

Actually I can’t understand the solution properly, But when I saw block like your solutions I found it and i recognized that this block are similar to your solutions. :kissing_heart:

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