Relaunching Appzard!

Hello Everyone :wave:
In the last months, appzard workspace and its associated services were temporarily unavailable publicly; since we were working on improving appzard a lot and creating a more stable and user-friendly version of appzard!
Finally, appzard was relaunched!

Appzard Offline

As before, appzard workspace would be available for free running offline using the new, modern Appzard Offline GUI.

How to install Appzard offline GUI

After appzard being tested and used by users for enough time we will be launching a new online version.
Make sure to try appzard’s new version and let’s know about your feedback!
Appzard Team.


I am happy to hear that it’s coming back again. I keeps checking daily for it but community website doesn’t connect. Thanks @Appzard

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Hi, i dont find the equivalent installation file for Linux. (.exe for windows, linux?)


Uff this interface is on fire :drooling_face: :fire: :fire:, it looks clean, user friendly, organised! :partying_face:


Zoom out to 80%. It will look more good :smiley:


Congratulations everybody, and special thanks to :appzard:ppzard team for providing their builder again, we would love to see the new version of Appzard :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::birthday::tada:


Yes but offline is not offline… we need internet connection to run it

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Zoom out from where ?

In chrome tab from settings

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Ok thanks you bro

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Aab not compling why? Without any components :expressionless: