Receive Community Notifications on Telegram!

Hello everyone,
Here are the steps to use the notifications bot:
1- start a new chat with @AppzardNotificationsBot.
2- you should get a similar message:
To get notifications for Appzard Community, enter the 'Chat ID' XXXXXXXXX in your user preferences
Copy the chat ID given by the bot.
3- Go to your profile preferences by clicking on your profile photo at the top right> clicking the last tab that has an account icon>and choosing Profile from the drop-down, or using this link:<username>/preferences/profile
Note: is a placeholder, replace it with your actual username.
4- Paste the chat ID you copied in the Telegram Notifications field.
5- now send the bot a message again, you should get a similar message:
Hi <username>, I'll message you when you have new notifications on Appzard Community. Replying to a notification will post a reply on Appzard Community. To disable, visit your user preferences.
You should get a notification by the bot when anyone replies to you, mentions you, or sends you a message in the community!
If you reply to the bot message, the reply will be posted on the community.
You can also like the post from within telegram using the like button.
Thank you!