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Hello Everyone,
Have you ever had an idea for an extension but weren’t able to create it because you don’t know how to write with high-level languages such as Java or Kotlin and have only programmed using blocks? Rapid is your solution!
Rapid is an online extension building platform that enables you to create extensions for AI2 and its distribution using coding blocks and simplifies the process of building extensions, even if you don’t have coding experience except in blockly-based programs such as AI2.
Using Rapid, you have access to all Android, App Inventor, Java, and even 3rd party JAR files within blocks. Enabling you to implement almost all of the features that are supported for extensions written in Java. You also have an interface that would help you manage all the different metadata, manifest elements, and information about your extension.

Why Use Rapid?

  • Rapid provides you with many features that would help you develop extensions more efficiently, whether you are an extension developer or not.

  • Blocks Based Coding which is trans-piled directly into Java code.

  • A fast and optimized compiler that builds your extension in seconds.

  • A neat and customizable user interface that makes it easier to manage your extensions
    Support for External Android, App Inventor, and JAR libraries.

  • Proguard and protection of your extension

  • Brief explanation of each java error including exact steps to solve it.

  • Warnings on block editor for combinations that could result in errors ( ex.: Functions without a return value)

  • Auto Fixing for errors in code ( attempting to typecast types where one of them is a subclass of the other under the hood, inferring types of variables, and so on…)
    And much more…!

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Thanks a lot to all the beta testers! They did a huge help throughout the beta stage of Rapid.

Support Rapid

Rapid is developed and maintained by an individual developer and is not a crow founded or sponsored project, yet, I have to pay for server, domain costs, etc…
You could support Rapid by donating a little to help keeping Rapid running:
Also, you could subscribe to one the Rapid plans and get some additional features:
Mohamed Tamer


Nice work @MohamedTamer :wink:


Is there a way to build an extension name that will check what activity is in the background, and also that it will always be active, (when you turn on the phone the extension will be activated automatically, etc., so that it will always be active.)?


@avi770_apps Welcome to Appzard Community.
You should ask questions related to Rapid in Rapid’s Community. Btw you already asked in Rapid Community.

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when I start link (https://create.rapidbuilder.tech), I see a clear screen. does it even work ?

and no registration (

no send to my email verefy

Ask on Rapid community - https://community.rapidbuilder.tech

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