Randm item list not working

Please look at my block it suppose to work perfect. When i test on other builder it is perfectly working. Yes, its working but it doesnot switch/change the cardview randomly, it become visible all one by one when i click the button. The previous visible cannot be hide. I want to change cardview visible automatic on every button click.

Post your aia

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test.aia (2.1 KB)

I tested on Screen.Initialize

1st attempt - 4th card is visible
2nd attempt - 3rd card is visible
3rd attempt - 2nd card is visible
4th attempt - 3rd card is visible

On Button.Click, you are only making CardView visible. you should invisible other CardView as well. See this

Here is the modified project : test.aia (3.6 KB)

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Thanks Its working @AryanGupta . Bro, how to do, not to visible cardview1 if it visible once. If Cardview2 visible once not to visible twice (again and again) ?

I copy the blocks but not working in other project.

Just add a if condition before changing the visibility of the Cardview.

Shows blocks

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im just testing != (not working)

In the last, you changed the value of component to random_item instead of item.

Ok. Its working now.


Please reply this.

I said that already.

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