Project not opning

When i created a project and shutdown my pc and turn on my pc after some time and want to open my created project it says bugs :disappointed_relieved:

Can you please share the screenshot of the error

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Now i have turned off my pc :wink:
But whenever i try to open my project (which was created in appzard) it says (report a bug ) and project not opening while wait 1 hour :weary:

Can you share your aia after your pc will be available

Ok i will send aia

This error shown whenever i try to open my project.

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And also companion app not working

Are you importing aia from other builder or has worked from scratch

No !
The project is created in appzard by me before 3 days ago

Click on ‘OK’ and send logs

can you try opening again or maybe try upgrading appzard

I have another issue ۔
Champion Issue
and Firebase Database Issue

what do you mean by champion issue?

please share your blocks also