Pop up menu component doesn't work

Hi, I am trying to use pop up menu component and it is not working neither in companion or apk
I made a test project to see if the problem could be somewhere else but the problem continues.
These are the only blocks used:


I saw this topic before posting here: Popup menu not working - II bu it seems to be a different problem.

In companion I get this error message:

Error from Companion: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String java.lang.Throwable.toString()’ on a null object reference “menu”

In apk the app just crashes in initialization.

Apk file:

Aia file:
testmenu.aia (1.7 KB)

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your test apk is working in my device. it shows the popup menu when I click Button1. What’s your android version ?

I found this error when click on button

I have Android9

it will be fixed in the next update

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Do you set the target to Button1 ? Mine is working fine except image.

I tested in 2 phones. A Galaxy A5 (Android 8.0.0) and the other I don’t know what is the Android version. I will ask some people to test it to see if the problem happens in others android versions or devices.

In android 6 doesn’t work too
That IS what happen when I click the Button.


Tomorrow, we will release a small update which will contain this bug fix.

Edit : Update is postponed for few days

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