Please add these useful block in firebase component

These three are very important and useful for app creator, it makes us easy to call and fetch firebase data values into app. Yes possible without these three blocks, but i donot have more idea to fetch firebase when there is multiple screen.

On screen1 i initialized firebase component and yes i can store without these three block and i can even also get value from database. But when i pass to screen2 it cannot store properly. Data store without project bucket, if these three blocks were there data will store inside the project bucket.

Or i donot know to fix this? If you know please tell me.

This is the result.

When someone signup successful, it store their data, and screen pass to screen2. Then this occur, it cannot store inside the project bucket.

Try GetCurrentUser block. it will trigger the GotCurrentUser and you can get all details about the current user.

Do not forget to Initialize the FirebaseAuthentication in the new screen.

component_method (16)


Before storing the data, can you set the project bucket again ? seems it got reset

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Is this will work? If yes then i already setup like this. but not work

This is how i setup my block, but store outside the project bucket. Im sorry my companion is not working so i need to compile apk everytime when i need to check.

Can you confirm that the user is signed in ?

component_method (17)

How to use this? Can you please show me a simple block?

Do this on Home.Initialize event

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This is screen 1.
Not working sir.

This block should be invoked before any other FirebaseAuthentication blocks.

component_method (17)

Can you please setup if i give you my aia?

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