New Update Topic

Sir we are very excited for the next update .
When will be the next update come ?

Most of the things are already ready. :grin:

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Yup it will be available soon

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And usb companion ready ?

Sir we are waiting for fix the errors in next update (like : firebase db error, and other companion errors)

It was mentioned that it would be for February 2.

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i cant launch appzard

the log with appzard doctor

unable to fetch firebase url default

App crash when use firebase db component

Wait for the new update

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I think i have to join android studio. Because there are much bugs in appzard like firebase, companion,webview and much much other . And the community are not sending new update.

All these will be fixed after the update and it is releasing soon
You will see many new things there

Hello Zain,

Appzard and android studio are totally two different things. Appzard enables you to build your apps without learning high-level programming languages such as Java or Kotlin by using visual programming (i.e blocks ), while android studio is an IntelliJ-based android IDE which helps you write your code and compile it for android. Yet, it’s your choice to use android studio instead.

We have already prepared a new major update which hopefully fixes all of these updates. Major updates include many changes and restructures many things internally, so it unfortunately took more longer time than that we intended. As you know, “Good things take time”. In addition, I had been very busy in most of the last month ( January ), due to some personal work, so I wasn’t effectively able to work faster in Appzard.
The update is launching in a few days with many different changes you would love!
Thanks and sorry for any bad experience you had.
Mohamed Tamer


Yes i love with appzard builder because it have no cost to add ads and much other facilities :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But whenever i want to make big app in appzard it show much loading and hang my app. :kissing_heart:


Ok Thanks for replay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Does this happen in the workspace or in your app it self?

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Workspace working perfectly.

When i export app and install it on mobile than my app hang in case of make big app.

But i want to make Live Tv channel app. And this kind of app take much blocks and much things in designer part…
So how can i make big tv app. Because when i make big tv app than my tv app hang

In case of mini apps ! They are working quickly

This is the best part and due to this I like appzard a lot

Means it hangs iut your phone not the workspace

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Yes …

But not hang phone . it hang just app whose made with appzard

Can you send me the aia
I’ll investigate the aia and get back to you

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I have deleted because it was hang much