Need USB Live Testing Companion exe

need appzard usb live test exe file

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Hi, this feature will be released with the companion.

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now companion its available so why not add exe file

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@Shioli_Akter Welcome to Our Community!!
Download Companion from here.

how can i use this companion ofline builder usb to live testing please help me.

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You can’t live test via Usb, but you can by code.

please add usb live testing exe file in this ofline builder it’s my humble request

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Thanks, it will be added in the upcoming updates.


Please make usb companion for live test

Sir when the next update will come ?

Please add usb companion option and usb companion starter

Hey sir when will be the companion available ?
Because we need companion for live test and without companion we are not able to make better app

Sir companion are not connecting with creator
What should i do ?

how are you using correct code? do you have network?

Yes i scan qr code
and in creator the progress bar still 20% every time

can you show screen recording. also if your app is big it might take 10 mins to load

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Sir still not connecting It showing error and if error not show than it will pause on 20% .

My app is not big if i try it on new project with 0blocks and nothing in designer part than also the same problem.

can you try using code?

Yes i have try but same error