Need some functionality improvements

Please don’t mind, I have little experienced all of the Visual Drag & Drops block coding android application developing site Appzard is one of them from now :sweat_smile:

The appzard app development platform components are awesome. Just little bit improvement needed!

I want to talk about the component those have Height, Width controllable option

Please make Height & Width (Px) option I mean user can be control the Height & Width according they needs, But there are only two option

  1. Fill parent
  2. Percentage.

PX mode missing or needed

As i know if we make the card view CornerRadius: 90 the shape change to circle but in Appzard according to my screen size need 240+ to make the card view circle shape. I think there was problem hope it will fixed soon. Also I saw in Cardview there are already some margin and peddling please set it default in BuildeServer and Desinger section we need Margin & Padding: 0

Admob version is too old we need update for that

There was a option like customizable banner ads for an example large banner, smart banner, Full size banner etc those are missing?

Need onesignal component

Onesignal is one of the most demanding component in those type of Android Builder site, Try to add them asap

The download component is too old

I saw the download component has limit option, Please improve it to add more option like pause download, Resume download, Stop download etc.

In color block section

Please add a block like get color from string #colorcode

Component Hint text


Those automatic text are set by default. Please set those text for a hint type because when we want to change the value we need to clear the Automatic text first then applying for custom text, Make those type of text like hint. When user click it automatically vanish and set user text in one click

Need some improvement in companion

I set the status bar color


and in companion it automatically change to show as black, It’s not happening every time, But in my device i face when my app refresh the Ui more that 5 times the status bar color changed

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Also I want to know if the builder site is offline then where the project file and extension file, project asset file save in?

You need to manually type px after the size(in px). like 20px,50px, etc.

We will look into it.

We will soon update all the ads sdk including admob.

In which component do you want it ? Admob ?

It is already there in the name of PushNotifications

We will look into it

For now, you can use ColorUtilities component to get the color from HEX code.

Just click on it and press ‘DELETE’ key or just start writing, it will remove the old text

We will look into it

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The offline builder stores everything in your device.

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Well then how new user like me know it to add px to convert the percentage to pixel?

I talk about banner ads, In Blocks section there should be Load ad as function, User can choice what type of banner they want to load.

It’s difficult for me, Drag and drop the component Press delete remove the automatic text, If you set the text as a Hint it will save our time :innocent: < IDK what people like but it’s realy helpful for me!

One more thing, As I see the Appzard is usable for advance visual block coder!! I Rate it 6/10 when you fix those common issue I will rate it 8/10 :kissing: Also I will praise your hard work, Keep continue I smell victory bro :muscle:


I would never mention this since it is a very small detail but since this was brought to discussion, I think even if we don’t type px after the number, the default value should be pixels, not %
In others builders and common sense in general is that if the number is typed alone, it means the number alone, not percentage.
So I think the best would be, if the user want the number to be % he must type 30% instead of 30, and if he wants it to be 30px he can just type 30.

Perfect explanation :wink:

Some of your requested changes are live in this update

Sounds like good! We are waiting for this

Edited: And so first released (What the hack??) :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Also lower the saturation/alpha of blocks. It is painful to look at them even for few minutes.
I would suggest to keep that identical to ai2 as much as possible.