Need Material Icons font type

The material icons font type is a very important feature in an application and Appzard offline is lacking it


@iAditya-Nanda Nice Idea!

Hello @iAditya-Nanda ,
Nice idea! We will definitely try to implement it. You could do the following to use material icons as of now in most of the components:
1- Download the material icons font (.ttf) from here:

2- Upload it as an asset in Appzard.
3- Set the label/button CustomFontTypeface property to the font file you just uploaded.
4- Set the text of the component to the name of your desired material icon.

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@MohamedTamer Thanks for suggesting this way, I already used this method :relaxed:

@MohamedTamer Well Actually I have gone through the label component but didn’t find Custom font type


:sweat_smile: now what to do ???

You should wait for 2nd of January for next release. For now, you can use this extension.


Implemented in Appzard 2.0.