[Need Improvement] Bottom Sheet component

The bottom sheet component is too old, When the bottom sheet open activity start the sheet take cover whole screen but the bottom sheet behavior show like

Look this the bottom sheet it should work like this one fully height customizable & Corner reducing, But Appzard Bottom Sheet component not work like that !!! It’s take whole screen if i set Height: 20% also this time it take whole screen??

From this update, you can achieve it


In Designer, Enable the TransparentBackground property


Im Try This One But Not Working Showing Black Color Arrangement In Back Side When Corner Radius Set.

Make sure to enable TransparentProperty in BottomSheet component

im very sure not working

bottomsheettest.aia (3.1 KB)
Does this works for you ?

Yes it works, but only when you compile the project in the companion it doesn’t work.



Make sure that your companion is updated

we need custom font properity

In which component ?

in Bottom navigation

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in Bottom navigation

Added a CustomFont property in BottomNavigation component. it will be included in next release

I update the companion but nothing happened the issue still exist

From the latest companion as you mentioned recently:

we just made a change in companion. try installing the new companion. Also, this change is not available in the builder