Natural Language Parser: Solve complex natural problems

A lightweight extension developed to take natural languages as the mathematical problem as the input and parses them into mathematical equivalent result and works completely offline :1234:

An example:

Question → Find the sinh of 7 multiplied by 23 addition to the result of 1 plus 2
Parsed down result: 12614.27083528467

This extension is the super complex/higher version of the NaturalEval extension. However, that extension still has features like comparing equations and additional things which will be covered for this extension/version in the upcoming updates.


There is just one block that does all the work :wink:

This block parses the natural language into a sum and the mathematical equation.
It’s strongly recommended not to use special characters in the input given. However, the extension though tries to remove them but, an error may occur.

It can do things like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, finding the cube root, square root, sin, sinh, cos and tan.

The block returns the output in the form of a list. The first element is the result. The second element is the mathematical equation representing the sum and, the third element returns the time taken to parse the natural language. The block will return a text message if an error occurs, with the reason.

This block can also calculate general math problems if given as a pure mathematical sum.
For example (“7 + 3 * 1”).

Spacing between words or instruction is very necessary for the extension to work.

Below are the blocks which to explain the extension.


Download (15.2 KB)

It’s free, forever :relaxed:

If you’re found any issues, then feel free to lemme know :wink:
I’m aware that this extension may not be perfect, but will be improved :upside_down_face:

Kumaraswamy B.G


Nice work, @Kumaraswamy :+1:


Nice Extension :smiley: @Kumaraswamy


Thanks, both of you :relaxed:!

Please test the extension and let me know how the extension worked and its results :grinning:. If you’ve found anything wrong, then let me know :grinning:


amazing extension and great work of the developer!


An Amazing extension! Keep up the work