Make Youtube and video downloader

1 : How can i paste video link in any online video downloder website textbox using web component ?
2 : after psting link than how can i click download button using web component ?
3 : than how can i choose video resulation ?

Please help me

did you make any progress?

You need a API to do it. BTW, Not all videos are allowed to download.

I want to download videos using a website. And using javascript…
I mean auto paste video url in website using javascript and auto click on download button.
Is it possible ?

Can you paste your website link here ?

I have no website :grin:
I will use third prty website

No Problem, link it

You should use Custom Web viewer extension and run javascript inside it to download the file.

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Try this


DownloadVideoUsingApi.aia (71.4 KB)

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