Lost companion connection

Every time I update my application’s interface, the connection with the appzard companion.apk is interrupted.

Have you updated your companion ? If you are working in online builder, then, make sure to turn off the legacy mode from companion

@AryanGupta I was using offline and tested it with legacy mode off and it still crashed, and then I went to test it online but it managed to hold the connection with only two changes to the app interface and then it closed by itself.

I’m finding it strange. After I have defined the language and
ProjectBucket it stopped closing by itself.

@AryanGupta I found something strange.
When compiling the application without setting language and ProjectBucket,
After installing it works normally, but when configuring the language and ProjectBucket the apk closes automatically.
When using the online companion without setting the language and ProjectBucket and making interface changes, the connection is terminated. By setting the language and ProjectBucket, campanion maintains a stable connection.

Very strange ! PM me your aia

I think you are using firebase component.
Because am also facing same problem.
Maybe there are some bug in firebase component. If i remove initialize firebase db block than work fine app but i need to get data from firebase so i am not

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You can uninstall and install the app again, it usually solves that kind of problem and a browser history clear wouldn’t hurt!

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@DO-FU explain me better.

-Uninstall the app (APK) from your phone or tablet and reinstall, but obviously the latest version.
-It usually solves those conflicts of connection cut off that happens out of nowhere.
-Delete history & cache or cookies from your browser many times this also solves it.
-And last but not least if nothing solves it, check your blocks, some logic is being misimplemented.