Load items as user scrolls

hello first of all this guide is totally made by @ZainUlHassan i am just posting it so lets start

Hello Everyone
I made this simple guide to show you how you can load more items as user scrolls.So let’s get started.
I am using
Dynamic Components Extension from @yusufcihan and
Scroll Handler Extension from Colin Tree


In these blocks there is a variable called number . We will store a number in that variable that will be updated after creating items.
There is another variable called items . That variable will represent how much data do you want to show at a time. In my case I am showing 20 list items at the first place So i set it to 20.

Note : If you want to change number of items that you want to show at a time, change that variable as well as the number variable

aia file : Lists(1).aia (44.0 KB)

apk :


It won’t help me in load data from online storage

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change the text value with your storage value

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Storage Means Google Spreadsheet.

I get data from spreadsheet and load it when user scroll to bottom.

Can you make your own block to give me information.


That’s what his trying to say replace the text data to you Google spreadsheet data

And if you mean to take data one by one from Google spreadsheet then that’s not possible because you can only get all data once and store it in a variable. But to make your app smoother use this method of showing data as user Scrolls :slight_smile:


I don’t get you l, can you please show an example of it.

I don’t know what you both are talking about?


Nice guide arush!