Launching Appzard v1.0.3

Release Notes for Appzard v1.0.3

This is a component release. There has been many changes and bug fixes done in this update, only the major ones are included in the release notes.

New Features & Changes:

  • Implemented Helper Blocks
  • Introducing the companion, learn more about it here
  • Update Target API to Android 11 ( Api 30 )
  • Add HTTP PATCH support to the Web component
  • Add Google reCAPTCHA component
  • Add FingerprintSensor component
  • Add Clipboard component
  • Add new layouts for ListView items
  • Improve the performance of ListView using the RecyclerView library
  • Add Ripple Color property for the Card View component
  • Migrate screens to the AppCompatActivity API
  • Migrate the Camera Viewer component to the CameraX api, instead of the deperecated Camera API.
  • Remove the Stop This Application menu item from the action bar menu
  • Suppport for extended floating action button in the FloatingActionButton component
  • Implement .aar support for extensions’
  • The OCR component would now return a list of the string blocks found in the image as a list, having every line in a list item.
  • The PopupView was renamed to PopupWindow
  • Replace most of the deprecated APIs used in appzard components.
  • Shorten out the MinAPI property item name
  • Implement a universal URL format for assets in WebViewer
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Add EndIcon and EndIconMode to MaterialTextbox
  • And much more…

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix AAB assets compression
  • Remove the DeveloperPackage property
  • Handle null values cleanly without causing the app to crash for most of the components
  • Fixed the TestMode property for facebook ads components.
  • Add missing descriptions for components
  • Fix the floating action button being created on the previous one every the companion screen loads
  • Fix typos in many blocks and block descriptions
  • Support companion for loading lottie animations from assets.
  • And much more bug fixes…

Let’s know in case you found any bugs or want a new feature to be implemented, we will be happy to implement it as soon as possible.
Appzard Team