Kodular aia will work on this version of Appzard

Hello Guys, I had a app made by kodular. Due to few reasons I left that platform. I had a app without any ad components, will that aia work in Appzard ?

Currently, You should build your app from scratch. We are working on a tool but it will not guarantee compatibility.


Good decision. Nobody knows when (and if at all) the countless bugs will ever be fixed.

Before doing this, remove any incompatible components (and there are some, e.g. Space etc.) and then try to import the aia.

Of course, the safest way is and remains to create the project from scratch.


Could you please explain the system requirements to install Appzard offline version for windows

Requirements (Windows) & steps:

  1. Windows: 64bit

  2. Java JDK 8 must be installed
    Then, create a new system environment variable named “JAVA_HOME”, with the value of the place where you installed the Java JDK.
    In my case, for example:

  3. PostgreSQL must be installed (password must be: “admin”)
    PostgreSQL: Windows installers
    (see also → here)

  4. Restart the computer / notebook

  5. Download Appzard: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hNjNwlvN7NJjhXGs6OOUmWkk_ePeIf4K/view?usp=sharing
    and install it

  6. After installation: You just have the click on “Download Dependencies” and waiting until downloading finished.

  7. Start Appzard now by clicking on “Start Appzard”.

See also here.


What about Ram and Processor