java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No virtual method AlignHorizontal error in app

PM me your AIA

file size is 2.1 mb unable to upload
download from here

check screen4 and 5

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The error was from ColinTreeListView extension. It is not compatible with Appzard HorizontalArrangement’s align property. The developer made this extension open source

So, Anyone can modify it’s sources and build a modified extension. We made a compatible version of this extension for Appzard. Import this in your project. It should fix this error

cn.colintree.aix.ColinTreeListView.aix (49.2 KB)

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Thanks, I will try tomorrow morning, if not works will message you again for help…
Once again thanks for helping

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Thanks for using Appzard :appzard:

Yes atleast the support from you is amazing👍, and thanks for making appzard offline for using without internet, and making everything free…

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