Is appzard free foreever?

In past appzard team says that appzard inventor is free forever but now when i open appzard offline i see the message appzard pricing in workspace. So please tell me that appzard is free forever or there are chance to make monthly pricing system ?

Yes, Appzard will be free but not completely. Users will be able to use Appzard for free but with some restrictions. And we won’t introduce any pricing plans until we launch online version. In Appzard Desktop, the server’s costs is affordable for us. But in Online version, the server’s costs will be increasing everytime a new user joins.

Oky but you mean appzard is free in offline version and paid in online version right?

But first of all please fix all bugs and errors in both versions.
And please don’t make extension limit and assets size limit in free version.

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We won’t introduce any size limit in Appzard Desktop because all the files are stored in user’s device.

But one thing that i can’t able to understand. You gave much time to create a smooth and beautiful interface and convert Ai2 app inventor to beautiful appzard. So whats got appzard team i thing nothing. I mean no money. Any way we are all very thankful to appzard team