Introducing Appzard Installer - This Tool Helps In Installation Of Appzard [@Xdev]

Appzard Installer

This script was created by Nakshtra And Modified By @Xdev to make it easier for users to install Appzard and its required tools. The script automates the process of downloading and installing Appzard, Java 8, and PostgreSQL on Windows machines.


To use this script, follow the steps below:

  1. Download The Installer
  2. Run The Installer
  3. And Follow The Steps

Installation Options

Upon running the script, you will be prompted with two installation options:

  • Install Appzard: This option installs Appzard’s offline GUI. If you choose this option, the script will download and extract Appzard’s files to the C:\ directory.
  • Install Required Tools: This option installs Java 8 and PostgreSQL. If you choose this option, the script will download and install both Java 8 and PostgreSQL with the required components silently. Additionally, the script will set the Java environment variables to allow Java to be used globally on your system.

Bug Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or issues with the Installer, please report them to Nakshtra by visiting this link. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Installer Download

Download The Installer Here:
Appzard Installer.exe (152 KB)


Special Thanks To @Xdev : For Modifying My Script