Introducing AIA Converter

Introducing Appzard AIA Converter

Appzard AIA converter, is a tool implemented in both appzard offline CLI, and web local interface, which helps in migrating apps from different platforms to appzard!
NOTE: This tool is still under beta, please report to us any problems you experience with it!

Using in Appzard CLI

Assuming you have already installed appzard offline on your device, you can simply run:

$ appzard migrate --input YOUR_AIA_PATH

For example:

$ appzard migrate --input C:/path/to/name.aia

And then, It would produce a new file: my-aia-name.m.aia, which should have the internal packages and component names compatible with Appzard Workspace!

Using in Appzard Offline WebInterface

With appzard offline webinterface ( see here for instructions about starting it ), you can import your AIA as you typically do, and check the Migrate checkbox:
And your good to proceed and use your AIA in Appzard!
Best Wishes,
Appzard Team