Incorrect Palette Interface

Hi, I have Java 8 installed and I am using Windows 10. I have followed every instruction on how to install appzard. However, when I start appzard, my UI does not display well as shown in the image below.

Also, using Material TextBox does not work well on my phone. When I select Bordered, it does not show anything. The Hint also keeps doing some absurd things. Thanks.

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Welcome @Small_Petit ,

This bug has been fixed in the next release. Meanwhile you can try zooming out a little bit.

You must set the border color and the hint color for the textbox to display properly, by default they are white so it seems invisible. Also note that it’s not suggested to try it in the companion in case you have turned the dark mode on.

Thanks for the response.
Good to know the bug has been fixed in the next release.
Sure, zooming out a little gives the required UI interface I expect. Thanks.

Setting the border color and hint color do work. But I don’t understand why they only work when the text box has focus but not when the app starts.

Also, text boxes without multiline selection still allow multiline input. Is that also being worked on?

When I set the height of the material text box, it shows clearly in the Viewer section of my workspace but on the phone NO!! The height only responds when the user hits the Enter key.

Thank you.

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