Improving Security of App

How to protect app from Sniffing like from httpcanary??
Is there any way to stop this??

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You Can Use Blocks Like This

Logic Behind these Block:-Httpcanary Connects to a VPN For caching data


Not only httpcanary, other sniffer apps can bypass it without using VPN, I used AES extension by puravidaapps…
But still it can be bypasses by Other apps…
Is there any solution with cryptography extension???

It seems to me that in a way it is impossible to give you a 100% secure method to prevent packet theft, because in the end if the entire network is intercepted it will be useless xD, sniffing is!

I have already been offered several methods, but the best thing you can do is to encrypt your keys or APIs and decrypt each connection point, so even if the data is intercepted it carries another extra plus the encryption bridged by the network, and also be sure that of all the block logic platforms appzard is the one that offers the best security, as I did reverse semi-engineering and there were many encrypted things that are not easily manipulated!



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I asked here first, I didn’t get a reply, so I asked there…
You can check timings…

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I have made a video player app and I want to stop users from taking screenshots so I used blocker extension+ inbuilt screenshot component+ @vknow360 Dev’s screen recorder extension to prevent from taking screenshot,
I just downloaded an app called App Cloner this app allows users to mod applications, so I tried to mod my app after granting allow screenshots in this app my get modded and now I can easily take screenshots…
Is there any other method to prevent users from taking screenshots or screen recording in my app???

This extension let you confirm that the apk is build from the same SHA1 key

com.appzard.AppCloningDetector.aix (7.0 KB)

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Okay, Let me know if the extension works for you

I will check and tell you about its working, BTW who made that extension???
I tried to find the similar extension but didn’t get any

It is created by Appzard Team

No bro, it’s doesn’t work, I cloned my apk with app cloner with some modifications like allowing screenshots and it doesn’t prevent the app from opening, nothing function worked…

here is the blocks


PM me your apk and the apk after cloning