I'm New Here In Appzard

How Can I Use Appzard Builder Because I Didn’t Find Builder Plz Provide Me The Direct Builder Link…

The builder is offline. You will have to follow this post and the guidelines here.


Welcome @Mr_Zaki :smiley:
If you stuck anywhere feel free to ask here

For faster testing, you can use Appzard companion.

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Check if you meet the device requirements, then install the correct software.

  1. Java 8. Java 8 is very useful for AppInventor development, so if you install Java 8, not only will you be able to use Appzard, but you can also install Rush to create extensions for Appzard! It takes some time to install Java 8, but I don’t find it too hard. Find it in Java Archive Downloads - Java SE 8 | Oracle Hong Kong SAR, PRC.

  2. Postgre SQL. I don’t find it too difficult, it’s at PostgreSQL: Windows installers.


Hello Dears Plz Can Anyone Help Me To Start Appzard Because Its Not Opening After Clicking On Start Appzard Btn

How much RAM is free in your device ?
Have you followed this guide carefully ?

Im Followed This Guide But Not Opening & How Can i Check Free Ram

And Logs Is Here From AppZard : ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

140 Gb Free I Haved Internal Storage

Have you installed Java 8 ?
If yes, Make sure to add jdk path in Path variables

Not Installed How Can I Download

Please follow the guide I linked above

Java 8 Page Not Found?

Link is updated now, try again

Done And How To Setup Because I See Already Guide But This Guide I Was Not Understanding…

Hello Plz Help Me To
Setup Java 8

Which part do you not understand?

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