I'm having problems with switching from screen 1 to 2

I created an App template for two screens. Performs at 1 well being with animation. I put a timer of 400 and when the time is up to move to the second screen, the 1st screen stops running. Any suggestion?

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Show your blocks for an analysis


When you move in second screen, tell me how can 1st screen work ?
When we press middle button of our mobile navigationbar than the app will go to on pause mode. And also when we open another screen than the first screen also goes to on pause mode .

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You need to also put PlayAnimation block in screen2

Edited: Can you share you aia ?

I managed to resolve.
I removed the timer and replaced it with the clock. So you can change screens without crashing

I didn’t put PlayAnimation on the second screen.

But in first message you saying screen1 stops running. You not mentioned that your 1st screen is crashing

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