Icons Missing from ExoVideo Player extension by @zainulhassan

I m using exo video player extension it’s latest version is 1.0.5 and it has two icons missing from icons file , It’s developer @ZainUlHassan have posted all icons on GitHub page but two icons missing

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Exo Video Player Extension v1.0.5 by @ZainUlHassan
Icons Missing:-

As you can see above these icons is not on GitHub page icons folder
GITHUB PAGE LINK icons folder :- exoplayer-appinventor/images/upload-icons at v1.0.5 · zainulhassan815/exoplayer-appinventor · GitHub

@AryanGupta @Xdev could you please add these two icons, I mailed developer on GMAIL but he didn’t replied since I mailed in 1 months ago, I also commented on Kodular page but he didn’t replied there, he is offline from 3 months.

Kodular page:-V1.0.5 Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer - Extensions - Kodular Community

Extension Icons Page:-

@AryanGupta would you check the extension source code and add these two icons??? Please

There is already both icons available

BTW, The icons you are saying ‘missing’. What’s the use of those icons ? next and previous video ?

The icons you referred are not those icons which I mentioned, could you check again…
Those icons you referred are used for play next video or play previous video, and those icons which I mentioned are used for to see all buttons in bottom area, because some buttons are hidden to make ui clean…

Icon you referred:-

Icon which I requested:-

See them they both are different which from you referred

Work of those icons which I requested:-

Currently, Is there any other icon showing on the place of more_options icon. If yes, which ?

There are no icons, the place is blank there

Screenshot below:-

The extension is open source , so you can download the source code and you can check which title or name is set by @ZainUlHassan for these icons and then you can download that icons from Google fonts website rename the downloaded icons with which name or title you got from the source code , then you can send here those icons…

I don’t know about Java, otherwise I will do it by myself

It’s not about adding an icon for more_options. That icon also have an action which not seems to be in this extension. I am not so familiar with this extension. You should wait for developer’s reply

No, the action performed here Is not done by icon, the button here performed the action, but I think the developer forgot to upload icon on GitHub, I just want you to open the source code and check what icons name is used there…

I will do it by myself, could you tell me how to extract the source code and how to view that file??

Try uploading two icons with this names


@AryanGupta This doesn’t work for me…
I tried could you please check the source code, I assure you that will take more than 10-15 minutes to look into it…