I want to repeat a command in mit app inventor(for my multifunction robot) every 150 Milleseconds until I switch it off how can I do that

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Use when clock.Timer

Can you please do it for me if it’s not a problem I have never used clock so I don’t know how to use it

clock component and set interval to 150 in property panel then in the blockly editor use when Clock.Timer block inside which use all you function which you want to repeat

Is that all nothing else

Yeah sorry I forgot to tell you I want it to repeat it when I press a button

So when following button is pressed repeat command until I press another button

Keep Clock1 Properties like this


  • Enable TimerAlwaysFires

It will keep your task running repeatedly.

  • Disable TimerEnabled as you need to enable it when Button.Clicked

In blocks,


AIA : RepeatTask.aia (2.1 KB)