I want to create points notification

When user click on button points will ading continuesly and simultaneously adding on notification at the same time and save value

When i set like this notification keeps coming. Phone hang :tired_face: and sorry for my english.

Set clock enabled to false in Timer Event.

Yes but the issue is points will not add continuesly. If you click on button point will add only 1 in you method

Set global points to 0 as default

Points is working perfect issueis on notification

Set clock1 timer enaled to false in “when clock1 timer” event block

But points will not adding continuously in this method.
Should i share aia

notf.aia (106.5 KB)

This is the aia please fix the notification issue

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Do you want to add points automatically or when button click ?

Yes done now its working perfectly. Thank you all for help