I have to ask some questions

Sir isn’t There alternative method for running appzard ? . If yes please tell me
And I have to ask a question. Please don’t mind . Is appzard going to be launched online?

Soon …!

Sir please tell me expected date I am waiting for it.

Wait for some time

Are you facing any problem installing Appzard offline?

Actually yes . I am not able to install java 8 in my pc .Every version except java 8 I can imstall

Are there any alternative method to run appzard?

Can you please let us now why you can’t install it?

You will be able to access it from the web in short.

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leave it I will wait until it’s release . Is it releasing in this month?

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Hopefully, yes it should take place in this month.


Sir can we use ads extension in appzard;

Yes, you can indeed.
We put no limits on using ads extension in appzard, although we do recommend to use the built in ad compnent for the ad network ( if available ), since they’re actively maintained by appzard’s team.