I am not able to install appzard when I type appzard doctor Then I get the following results;

when I type appzard doctor then i get the following result
Making sure all setup…
Checking Java is installed…
Unhandled exception:
RangeError (index): Invalid value: Only valid value is 0: 1
#0 _GrowableList.[] (dart:core-patch/growable_array.dart:254)
#1 Util.getJavaVersion (file:///d:/a/appzardofflinesources/appzardofflinesources/lib/util.dart:111)

#2 main (file:///d:/a/appzardofflinesources/appzardofflinesources/lib/appzard.dart:72)

What should I do now

Welcome, @Rajan_Purbey !
What’s the result you get When running java - version in a terminal?


Java 8 is the version

I have now installed java 16 and I have runned appzard start command and I have waited for 30 minutes though It is not started

Java 8 is correct, installing java 16 would result in errors when running the server.
Please try to switch to java 8, and post the logs printed in the terminal for running appzard start -d conmand.
Thank you.

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bash: $’\302\226’: command not found I have got the above result

so what shoud I do next

It’s not clear to me what are experiencing exactly, can you please post a screenshort for the error.

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