How to use the integrating component of recycler view + dynamic component

After many attempts, I managed to figure out how it works xD, although it was really because of a small block shown by a moderator xD


Well, I found two possible methods
One that is directly with the recycle view and another that is indirectly and very similar to the dynamic component extensions, personally I feel that there is more fluidity and more information load with the first way to do it (Direct with the Recycle View).

There are still things to improve!

Here are the blocks and the AIA

First version (The one that I recommend)

In this version you must enable the columns and set the grid mode to true, so that the objects are ordered by columns and horizontally and not vertically with their respective order, it seems to me one of the best ways, too bad that the root container does not accept the settings given by the user and the recycler view has very little customization!

Second Version

It is very similar to create component with the dynamic extension, just call at the end the main container, but I feel that it is not very suitable for large loads, as the first version, but it does allow a better customization of the container although this case would be as a subcontainer (child) with a main container (Root).

Full blocks

AIA Link

VIDEO Example


Nice guide @Quantum20

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@Quantum20 could you send me there? above are offline

I lost that account, and the AIA, I don’t think I have backup, but I’ll gladly do it again, give me some two days and I’ll pass it on to you! :v:

@DO-FU thank you big friend lol