How to solve Mcq's automatic using webpage

If we have a website that contain 3 radio button Mcqs .
And i want to auto click on correct answers radio button(i will save all mcqs with correct option in ms excel and make csv file) if mcqs 1 contain the same text that in csv file list index 1 than select the correct radio button. And than click next mcqs and soo on until the last Mcqs…

Here is an testing html that i copy from a website
test website.txt (4.9 KB)

Firstly, you need to try yourself.

I tried it more than 20 times but failed than i delete the project

But this is much much important for me. But i have’t much coding knowledge.

Some guide…

In this website the three radio button have same ID so when i try to click on any radio button than it automatic click on first one but i was not able to click on 2nd or 3rd one.
And please help me to make this project.

Send website link
This website will ask username and password. But the password i can’t send in community because its private.
So how can i send login password to just you in personal ?

Seems there is lots of work. It is very difficult to be done using Custom Web viewer. And even if I created your AIA. It won’t help others and there will be more topics on this. I request Appzard team to bring some common javascript function’s blocks in WebViewer component. Like clicking on an element @Appzard_Staff


Interesting ! We will try our best to create it.


Ask on kodular community if you want help for your kodular’s project. As we all know that both platform uses different codes. So, there are some possibilities that some blocks/components which works here but may not work there. I am not stopping you from using kodular but you should ask the question where you have created the project.

I make project in appzard

:confused: :confused:

If i get the logic of this problem than i can make project in any builder :wink:

I don’t know what MCq is, but I’ll assume it’s a multiple choice question.

I think for the login you could do several options like using a post method, recreate the html offline and combine it with the components, there is a very fascinating guide on this from KIO4 (you can search).

for the answer or answer question you could do the same recreate an offline or dynamic html, extracting or sending the code through a db, you could also recreate all with components
you could use the web scrapper method to take the ids from the web if you don’t want to do too much (I remember there is extension and even to just take field ids), you could also work by api or a webhook I think would be the best option.

If it is not that I was assimilating forget my comment and let me know what you ask, possibly have an idea or solution, if I do not respond is that I have no idea xD jajajaja

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Is there any way to find the correct answer of mcq’s from given three option in website ?

I am able to get the question and three options scrape and show in label in my app but is there any way to scrap right answer also ?